Smart Electricity Meter, Wifi Energy Monitor app for review

‘Smart Energy Monitor’ provides electricity reading the information in real-time on any computer or phone.

It gathers electricity usage information from your meter

It evaluates the frequency of any LED which flashes.
It can be used with your electricity meters, which flash every time as a Watt Hour is consumed.
It requires an old smartphone with a cam, it must be fixed on the device.

The duration of this light pulse is small and around 20 ms
The frequency of pulses is proportional to the electrical consumption.
Frequency is analyzed to take into account the occasional failures of the camera.
The image is fully analyzed periodically to perform a ‘remanence’ calibration to take into account slow luminosity fluctuations.

This application can be used by old smartphones and it used a phone cam.
This application includes web service, so any internet browser can be used to follow-up consumption.
Jason Response Widgets can be installed on a second phone to show the consumption on your phone’s wallpaper.
Home automation tools can use the web service too.
It doesn’t send any data on the internet.

'Smart Energy Monitor' provides electricity reading the information

The phone must have access to your WIFI to share consumption data in real-time with your own computer or second phone.
Html Graphs are available to know the state of your electric consumption and to act to optimize them.

Procedure for the use of the instantaneous power:
1) Install the application on your old phone
2) Take some cardboard to build a box where it will be simple to put your old phone. Some openings are required for the webcam, for the screen, and for the power cable.
3) When the cardboard box is ready, you can fix it with sticky tape, making sure that the camera can see the blinking LED, and make sure that you can easily put and remove the phone in the box.
4) Press the button to start the service
5) Wait several minutes and follow the states on another phone or computer using an internet address shown on the screen.

Always make sure that the web interface is only reachable from “trusted/local” networks.
The smartphone must operate independently and without user intervention.
It is therefore necessary to disable all updates of other android components that may open windows inopportune for a user confirmation…
It should also be checked that the phone is well ventilated, under penalty of overheating.
You should not put a smartphone near any device that would be sensitive in any way to wifi.


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