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Hi, Friends now we are going to see about how to convert your voice into a note. First-Ever in the History Speech to Text typing in the Tamil Language. Just Set your Mic and Press the mic button and start speaking the software will recognize your voice and type automatically in Tamil text.

You can save this typed text and use it anywhere. Now you can give rest to your hand and just type by speak as long as you like. Worlds First Tamil Voice To Text Converter Free. Note: This software works only in Google Chrome (Version 25 or higher) Browser only. If you are using another browser, it will not work. Download and Install Google Chrome.

SpeechTexter is an online multi-language speech recognizer, that can help you type long documents, books, reports, blog posts with your voice. This app supports over 60 different languages! For better results use a high-quality microphone, remove any background noise, speak loudly and clearly.

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You can also make your own Gif using videos that you can share into your social messages. You can make a new audio output for your music player through this audio app.

This opus file converter will help you to make a high-quality mp3 file from your opus files send through WhatsApp and other social media sites. This music manager will help you to play and delete all opus files on your mobile phone. The music converter feature helps you to convert the file into an mp3 format. It will help you to use the file in different audio recorder apps that are using WAV format. You can use this opus converter if you are an audio compressor or an audio mixer.

It converts 3 minutes of each audio
It converts audio from all applications (not just WhatsApp)
It supports 22 languages

Features of this audio converter app

Opus audio player available
Audio notes can be shared with other social media.
Audio songs convert to WAV from opus.
Audio delete option
The audio editor option helps you to edit the name.
Convert all the voices recorded in opus.
This audio format changer will help you to make your own WAV if you audio trimmer some of the opus files.

Add your own audio effects and then use this audio format converter. Download the audio manager app to manage your music and audio file. The opus to mp3 converter feature will help you in audio merger download. You can make your own WAV ringtones from the opus file using this audio manager software.

This is a music offline app for converting your audio files. Song converter functionality will help you to convert your songs from opus to WAV. You can also make a WAV file from your voice recorder if it’s in opus format.

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once done, open it and then select an audio language for voice notes which you convert into text. Currently, it supports English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, and Italian.

after selecting the audio language, simply open WhatsApp and go to the chat thread on which you have received the voice message. Now, to convert the voice message, you would need to long press on it to select the message bubble. When you do that, tap on the “Share” icon at the top of the chat screen.

After you select the “Share” icon, the popup dialogue will appear where you can choose how you want to share the selected item. On the popup dialogue, you would need to select the “Audio to Text for WhatsApp” app, as shown below. As soon as you do that, the app will start processing the voice message and convert it into text. you will see a text pop up a dialogue which overlays on WhatsApp

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